Sugar and Spice! : What Every Woman Wants

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Sugar and Spice

Two teenage girls become friends, rivals, enemies, and accessories, accumulating a tangle of secrets and betrayals with long-tentacled consequences that will affect them as they become women. Abbott has made her career exploring variations of this theme — the fierce and intense energy of female friendships, the competitive drive thrumming through high-achieving girls and women, the steel lying beneath the sugar and spice.

This newest version is less about dissecting sociological power structures than it is about two specific personalities crashing together. Rather than spotlighting familiar segments of girl-culture — gymnasts, cheerleaders, the various social and sexual politics of suburban high school cliques — this is slow-burning suspense charting the circumstances of two women whose conflict is not the ordinary relatable friction arising from athletic, social, or sibling rivalries.

Instead, Abbott presents a granular look at the psychological fallout affecting two women whose lives become twisted so tightly, the passage of years does nothing to weaken the connection. You made my life. They first meet at a cross-country summer camp when they are The girl no one can touch, really. Kit is earthy, working class, sensual, tactile.

Book 3: The Wilde Sisters

Her deadbeat dad is largely out of the picture, and her mother works at an animal clinic, bringing home stray dogs and the medical and biological smells of the lab. I wanted to try that hard. You felt like you could say anything. Be anyone. Her focus always seemed elsewhere, head down, lost in her own thoughts, a shadow falling between her eyes like a warning.

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She made me work harder, and I made her work harder too. This second phase of friendship is characterized by the healthy kind of competitive spirit: each girl pushing the other to strive and succeed.

In , Harrison created her own label imprint Planet 9. In , Harrison spoke with Rolling Out magazine, elaborating more on her hiatus from music and decision to go independent:. I've created a label called Planet 9 and I released an album in Japan.

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I invested in my own studio and it cut the recording cost down 95 percent. I have my own in-house producers and they are not as expensive as an established producer. The return is greater and now I own my masters. I see six dollars per album sold versus 10 cents. You may not sell as many units because you don't put as much money in promotions, but the returns are better. Later in the interview, Harrison voiced her opinion on the major difference between major record labels and independent labels, saying with "Major labels have a system that you have to go through.

The people in power dictate how things should sound and where the money is spent.

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But when you become your own boss, you check every line item and you have to be cautious. Harrison started producing the album in September 8'. Harrison said she chose to cover Diana King 's " Shy Guy " because it was a favorite childhood song. Another track, "Music Be the Music" incorporates '80s dance music.

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In interview when asked why she chose to put a song like this on the album, Harrison replied, "because I like to dance and I like to party. Through this album, Harrison said, "listeners should get a feel for various feelings; further more saying I just want to empathize with others with my experiences. We all are different, each day will have a lot experiences.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Manhattan Planet 9. Botts Mike "Trauma" D. Harrison Elizabeth Wyce. Harrison Moore Tre Hardson.

Harrison Moore Sean Paul Henriques. Harrison Scott Storch Dwayne Carter. Associated Content. Retrieved Archived from the original on Official Arkatech Beatz website.

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Archived from the original on July 7, Rolling Out. Retrieved September 23, HMV Japan. Discography Awards and nominations Songs unreleased.