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Materials lamp, globe, masking tape. Making Connections Challenge small groups to discuss which X they think is which season.

You might prompt them to focus on their hometown and discuss characteristics of each season there: temperature, sunlight, and so on. They may want to again examine the relationship between their hometown circle and the lamplight on the globe. Also share this clue with them: the first days of spring and fall are called the equinox , which is related to the word equal. Have each group write a label for each of the four seasons and place the labels face down on what they think is the appropriate X. Then season by season, turn over the labels and ask each group to explain its thinking.

LOST: A Journey in Bloopers, Seasons 1-6

Conflicts in labels should spark fertile discussions! We can begin to bridge the richness of possibility these potent times offer to us through a myriad of doorways. A closer intimacy with the rhythms of creation offers us a wisdom about the patterns of rise and fall, fullness and emptiness in our lives.

A great attentiveness to the liturgical rhythm connects us to an ancient way of praying through story and narrative. The Celtic framework is an indigenous tradition for many of us and our ancestors.

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Even if we don't live in Ireland or the British isles, we may feel a kinship and connection to this understanding of the year's rhythms. Join us for a vibrant yearlong offering. For each of the 8 festivals and hinges of the year you will receive an invitation to dive into the spirit of this season through a PDF file with a mini-retreat. It will offer you a guided experience through reflections on the season written by Christine Valters Paintner and biblical reflections by John Valters Paintner , invitations to contemplative practice and creative expression, poems, art, music, and dance.

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A wonderful way to spend a day of reflection as a holy pause and chance to tune into how your inner world is being called forth by the outer world. We are also excited to include a series of new meditative songs by Richard and Trish Bruxvoort Colligan for the feasts of Spring Equinox through Winter Solstice written for the Abbey, accompanied by movement prayers from Betsey Beckman.

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You are welcome to register but you will have to translate the materials into your context. February 1: Imbolc, Feast of St. In the northern hemisphere, spring equinox occurs around March 21st and autumnal equinox around September 21st. Equinox Spring or fall equinox.

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Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Reasons for Seasons Exploring the Astronomy of the Seasons. Earth's yearly revolution, month-by-month. Teacher's Background Information Watching the wave of spring sweep northward is at the heart of Journey North.

Seasons: A Photographic Journey of Discovery

Rotation vs. Viewed from above, the Earth makes a complete counterclockwise rotation spins on its axis once in each hour period. This is why the Sun appears to rise in the east and set in the west. But this daily rotation has nothing to do with seasons.

Tilt and Revolution.