Salmos from South Bethlehem: An Advent Memoir

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Lector in various Bohemian friaries. In , he is found as a lector in the Prague friary. On 13 June of that year, the pope wrote to Fortanerius Vassal former minister general to examine the case and to bestow the magisterium if he deemed it suitable. Albert apparently received the title for he is called magister theologiae in the list of archbishops of Zarew Astrakan, Russia , which post he took up on 24 May Albert died before 15 June CHUP , ed.

The latter mentions his conversion to Catholicism in in Italy. He became priest in and lector in the Franciscan order in In he became consultator of the SC. Wrote several unplublished pieces on Augustinian theology of grace and about Dutch censorship. An important figure in Jansenist and Spinozist scholarship. Franciscus de Hollandia O. Was ordained subdiaconus at Bologna on 14 March and diaconus on 4 April of the same year. He was at Paris at least from 30 November onwards, where he studied theology at least until the Summer of still mentioned in Paris on 18 June After due examination, he was made Magister theologiae at the university of Bologna on 6 June , and on 22 January , he was appointed as regent master of the San Francesco studium of Bologna.

Unclear how long he stayed there. In any case, he was in Frankfurt in , where he apparently caused scandal among fellow friars and outsiders due to some of his teachings.

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It would seem he was involved with negromancy and pyromancy in Frankfurt and Berlin. For that region, the provincial of the Saxony province, Ludwig Henning took some of Alberto's privileges on 11 October Yet on 10 February , the Minister General Rinaldo Graziani gave Alberto licence 'eundi per omnes orbis regiones, ad quas opus erit, pro suis negotiis expediendis Subsequently, he moved back to Italy, for between and he taught moral philosophy at the University of Bologna.

His various works seem to have been lost. Sbaralea, Supplementum I, , 63; Giacomo da Cantalupo, Cenni biografici sugli uomini illustri della provincia franc. Atti delle celebrazioni organizzate a Verona - S.

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Bernardino dal Convento - Studio teologico S. Verona 4 , Albertus Marbachensis Albert von Marbach, ca.

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German friar. Followed the lectorate program in the studium generale of Strasbourg. Thereafter, he absolved some of his obligations pro gradu at Bologna and Paris possibly as baccalaureus biblicus. He read the Sentences pro gradu at Strasbourg becoming baccalaureus sententiarum or formatus , and thereafter taught two years a principal lector at the Strasbourg studium generale.

George, master of the university of Oxford to examine the Albert at the general chapter meeting,of Assisi and to bestow on him the magisterium theologiae if he was deemed suitable. Albertus indeed received this grade. At the provincial chapter of Strasbourg 29 April, , he became provincial minister of the Strasbourg province, a position that he kept for 13 years. At the chapter of Speyer , he confirmed several new statutes, to enhance the observance of the rule.

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Albert died at the Speyer friary on 20 September His successor as provincial minister was Hesso von Lampertheim Italian friar from Cotignola Romagna. Studied at Faenza and Bologna. Renowned for his philosophical, astronomical and theological knowledge. He died at the Cotignola friary. Caeliloquium Morale Bologna, A very curious work that tries to mix theological speculation on the heavens of the blessed with astronomy.

Rome, , 8; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Rome, , 7; Bibliotheca universa Franciscana I, ; Giacintho da Cantalupo, Cenni biografici sugli uomini illustri della francescana osservante provincia di Bologna Parma, I, Albertus de Sancta Clara Alberto Gualtieri, d. Alcantarine Observant friar from the Naples province. One year before his death, he was appointed to the episcopal see of Nictotera 21 February Author of devotional works.

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Tractatus brevis originis, progressus et formae recitandi coronam virginis Mariae dominae nostrae Naples, OFMCap from Tirol. Born in , he joined the order in and was clothed in Known for his preaching in Bozen Bolsano. Several of his sermons were edited. Zierler, Geschichte der tirolischen kapuziner-ordens-provinx , 2 Vols. Innsbruck: Wagner, I, ; Lexicon Capiccunum , Albertus Felix Parisiensis Albert Felix, ca. Born circa He entered the order in and became a well-respected theology lector and preacher, known for his popular sermons.

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He wrote a number or works of religious instruction, also for the training of other friars. Par le R. This work was re-issued several times.

This edition is accessible via Google Books. Friar from the Upper Germany Province. Viceguardianus in Regensburg and later in Nuremberg. Copiist of sermon manuscripts, of a manuscript containing questions of Bonaventure's Sentences commentary 2nd book, MS Munich Lat. Albertus would have started the production of the quadragesimal collection when he was vice guardian in Regensburg , and finished it while performing the same task in Nuremberg. Quadragesimale: Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Clm ff. Albertum Hofeltinger Viceguardianus Ratisbonae, A. Albertus Milioli ca.

Franciscan tertiary. Born at Reggio Emilia, where he was notarius sacri palatii Shortly after , he began to compile chronicles and histories of his region. In this period, he became acquainted with Salimbene da Parma, who lived in the Reggio friary in and after They became friends and Salimbene functioned as his confessor. Salimbene and Alberto also shared historical information.

Chronica , edited as: Alberti Milioli notarii regini, Liber de temporibus et aetatibus et cronica imperatorum , ed. Tecniche compositive e costruzione della memoria politica nel "Liber de temporibus et aetatibus" di Alberto Milioli', in: Tempus mundi umbra aevi. Atti dell'incontro nazionale di studio Brescia, marzo , ed.

Albertus Otero Alberto Otero, fl. Italian friar from Vicenza.

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Lector of theology and bishop of Treviso papal appointment on 27 August , after a disputed election process. Remained bishop until his death around 28 April, Wadding ascribes to him a Summa Pontificia. Rome, , 6 ed.

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  • Albertus Parisiensis fl. French friar. In a letter dated November , the Franciscan minister general Gonsalvo talks about him as a possible candidate for the magisterium theologiae. After receiving the doctorate, he became regent at the Franciscan Studium Generale of Paris. Author of several sermones de tempore and of a Quaestio Disputata de Principio Individuationis.

    Allegedly also the author of a commentary on the Sentences , additions to the Opus Oxoniense of Duns Scotis, and a commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics. Sermones de Correctione Fraterna : Naples, Naz.